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  • Yoko Height Advance – Green

    Increases your growth hormone production
    Shoe Sole
    Increases Height
    Material: Synthetic

     436 969
  • Titanium Hair Remover – White & Purple

    Easily remove unwanted hair by Wizzit Titanium Hair remover.
    Removes even the shortest and finest hair without any hassle and leaves the skin soft and smooth.
    Can even be used on any sensitive area without damaging your skin.
    It is portable and can be used by young girls or adult women

     883 1,573
  • Holly Wood Beauty Secret Spray & Wipe Away

    Holly Wood Beauty Secret Spray & Wipe Away.Removes Hair. Moisturizers. Exfoliates. Soothes. Contain Vitamin C. With Antioxidants

     785 1,377
  • Vibrational Slimming Belt

    This belt is great to slim down specific parts of your body such as abdomen, legs, arms, burning extra fat and keeping your skin firm and elastic.
    Ergonomic design
    Great to slim down specific body parts
    Features 5 different intensity levels, as well as an automatic mode
    Keeps your skin firm and elastic

     989 1,588
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    Vibrational Slimming Belt

     989 1,588
  • Vibra Tone Slimming Weight Loss Control Belt – Silver

    Always buy Authentic Branded Product Bioexcel – This Package contains Slimming Belt Massager – Vibratone Slim Belt
    High intensive massage for extensive pain while the low soothing massage for everyday relaxation.
    Promote blood circulation. Strong effect focusing on the points of the body
    Anti-slip handle streamlined appearance and portability
    To remove fatigue and relax tense muscle caused by fierce physical movement

     792 1,390
  • Velform Hair Grow

    Velform Hair Grow Natural Tonic
    Adds shine
    Healthy hair
    Helps in growth
    Natural Tunic

     1,275 2,065
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    Velform Hair Grow

     1,275 2,065
  • Vee Slicer – German

    The V-Slicer Plus Mandoline is made of strong ABS plastic with German surgical evaluation stainless steel sharp edges. 7mm and 3.5mm edges will julienne or shred cuts; cutting addition will cut thick or slim cuts

     1,962 3,048
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    Vee Slicer – German

     1,962 3,048
  • V-Comb Head Lice Comb

    Reusable and allergy-free lice treatment for both children and adults.
    Eliminates both head lice and their eggs (nits)
    V-Comb™ uses its rounded, stainless steel-toothed comb and suction power
    The V-Comb™ traps head lice and eggs removed from the hair and into its patented

     979 1,966
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    V-Comb Head Lice Comb

     979 1,966
  • Tummy Fit Fat Burning Body Slimming Oil

    Promotes breakdown of cholesterol and fat deposits
    Helps eliminate toxins in body
    Helps suppress appetite
    Promotes body metabolism to burn excess calories

     979 1,966
  • Cordless Swivel Sweeper – Red

    Cordless Swivel Sweeper
    High quality
    Easy to use
    360 degree swivel to easily maneuver around furniture, objects
    Rechargeable; Cordless; Reusable dirt tray
    Weighs only 2 lbs
    Head is 11 1/2

     2,251 3,386
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    Cordless Swivel Sweeper – Red

     2,251 3,386
  • Step Up Height Increasing Device – Blue

    Color: Blue
    Step up body growth device
    Will help to increase your height up to 6 inch
    Shows results in 3 to 6 months

     791 1,588
  • Stem Cell Therapy

    Helps generate new skin cells
    Increases production of new skin cells up to 57%
    Starts showing effects within 2 weeks
    With Phyko-AI-PF, Mitostime & Seractin

     1,275 1,770
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    Stem Cell Therapy

     1,275 1,770
  • Steam O Belt – Blue

    Steam moisture of thermo sauna makes you sweat
    Helps to reduce your weight faster than with dry heat
    It directs the therapeutic steam on the problem areas
    Portable and effective

     1,569 1,868
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    Steam O Belt – Blue

     1,569 1,868
  • Spin Spa Shower Brush Set – Blue

    Cleans and smoothens skin
    Protection from germs
    Great and long lasting results
    Provides freshness

     1,079 1,671
  • Set Of 3 Spider Pan – Blue

    High-quality materials.
    Heats up very quickly.
    Excellent heat distribution.
    Less fat or oil, more are for easy and healthy.

     1,177 1,770
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    Set Of 3 Spider Pan – Blue

     1,177 1,770
  • Spider Pan with Thermo-Glass Lid – Blue

    Non Sticky
    High Resistance
    Color: Blue
    Energy saving system
    Healthy cooking and frying without oil
    Easy to clean energy save system for any stove

     513 856
  •  798 1,300
  • Smart Polish Scratch Remover – Yellow

    For the recommended word in car exterior care, check out this premium smart polish scratch remover. It hurts when your beloved possession suffers scratches and swirl marks and this product is specially made to alleviate all those sufferings.

     396 693
  • Slim Extreme Extra Strength With Cleanse Formula 30Capsules

    Slim Xtreme Gold is empowered by modern biotechnology and dedicated scientific research.
    2. Slim Xtreme Gold delivers real results without any side effects.
    3. Take Slim Xtreme Gold and start losing your desired weight even faster.
    4. No upset stomaches, no diarrhea.

     1,275 1,770
  • Slim & Lift- Skin

    Instantly Look 10 or 20 Pounds Thinner
    Flattens Protruding Tummy & Lifts Hips
    Thighs & Hips Slimmed Firmly
    No Bumps, Lumps, Bulging

     581 873
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    Slim & Lift- Skin

     581 873
  • Skin Poly Cotton Silhouette Slimmer

    Instantly Look 10 or 20 Pounds Thinner
    Flattens Protruding Tummy & Lifts Hips
    Thighs & Hips Slimmed Firmly
    No Bumps, Lumps, Bulging

     436 776
  • Velform – Rotair Ceramic Brush

    Curling Tongs, Wave iron, Straightener. Curler, Heat brush, Spiral iron. Ceramic Coating. Steam, Swivel cord

     1,079 1,573
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    Velform – Rotair Ceramic Brush

     1,079 1,573
  • Riddex Pro – White

    Good Quality
    Easy to use

     491 836
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    Riddex Pro – White

     491 836
  • Torge Hane Reduce Fat Fast

    World famous REDUCE FAT FAST
    Sold for more than 20 years in over 103 countries. Millions of units sold worldwide!.
    Take one capsule 30 minutes before each meal..

     491 885
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    Torge Hane Reduce Fat Fast

     491 885
  • Fitness Push Up Pump

    Provides a great workout for the upper chest, arms and shoulders, bicep and triceps, abdomen, legs and ankles as well as muscles of your back
    Gets you in the perfect plank position for a total core body workout
    Supports your weight & engages multiple muscles
    Three different hand positions – upper, inside & outer grip
    Three levels of resistance
    Padded seat provides comfortable support
    Lightweight and portable
    Manufactured from high quality heavy duty steel for strength and durability
    For Men & Women and easy to assemble in minutes
    Easily folds away for flat storage

     3,960 5,956
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    Fitness Push Up Pump

     3,960 5,956
  • Push Up Pro – Black

    Standard push ups
    Decline push ups
    Tricep push ups
    Push ups plank
    Rotate push ups
    Uneven push ups

     910 1,462
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    Push Up Pro – Black

     910 1,462
  • Power Perfect Pore

    Ergonomically designed suction cup, remove blackheads without hurting your skin with hard squeezing.
    Complete set with 4 interchangeable attachment and with mist function.
    Discover cleaner, clearer skin in just weeks.
    Easy to operate.

     1,275 1,868
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    Power Perfect Pore

     1,275 1,868
  • Power Hair Grow Comb

    Hair loss treatment
    Helps stimulate hair follicle cells
    Improve scalp circulation
    Vibration technology helps stimulate blood flow on the scalp

     1,079 1,770
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    Power Hair Grow Comb

     1,079 1,770

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