a step-to-step guide on how to pay through card at barq mall

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COVID-19 and COVID-20 outbreaks continue with the potential to create difficulties for buyers and businesses across the globe. Barq Mall has introduced online payment through credit and debit cards of any bank to give customers a secure, reliable, and no-touch-method payment option. Now our valued customers can buy favorite products online on our website and pay through their bank card i.e. visa or MasterCard of any bank from anywhere.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make an online transaction through debit or credit card of any bank:

STEP 1: After selecting the product you need to purchase, click on “Buy Now”. You can also click on “Add to cart” if you want to buy multiple products.

STEP 2: A new window will pop-up to enter the information. Fill in the required fields.

STEP 3: After filling all the required information in the boxes, check the box “Create an account” and press “Next” that is at the bottom right corner of the form/page.

STEP 4: Once you place your order you will land on another page that will be showing you your order(s) and the information about it. Select the third option given i.e. “pay via Visa/MasterCard and click on “Place Order”.

STEP 5: Now that you have placed your order, you will get to see a page that asks you about your card info. These are the following requirements:

  1. Selection of the Card Type: the customer is supposed to select one of the two options i.e. Visa Card or MasterCard.
  2. Your card number
  3. The expiration date of your card

Click on “Pay” button displayed on the bottom right corner of the page and you are good to go!

Once the transaction has been completed, you will get a text message and also a confirmation email for your order telling you the possible shipment time and other important details.

We wish our customers a very happy shopping experience by practicing social distancing. We look forward to your positive feedback and will welcome any suggestions.

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