• Evaporative Air Cooler ICE Cool

    • Iran’s first Nano-Cell-Pad Evaporative Cooler
    • Nano-Cell-Pad used in this cooler are imported and made of premium quality materials using Nanotechnology resulting in higher quality and an extensive service life.
    • These pads are completely odorless and  hygienic.
    • Protective coating: The surface of the imported  pads are coated with an element-resistant, green colored protective layer that provides corrosion-resistance and makes the pads easily washable.
    • High efficiency: Smooth surface and identically sized holes combined with high and homog-enous water absorption capability the increase  cooling efficiency.
    • Netting frame design of Nanopad holders: Made of well-crafted, imported polymer, the  netting frames  holding Nanopad sheets are resistant against the  cold, heat, and sunlight.
    • Air filters: each of the pads are equipped with  two separate, washable air filters that deter dust  and insects.
    • Manufactured using the latest evaporative  cooler standards.
    • Equipped with safety circuit breaker to prevent  accidental electrocution.
    • With high-efficiency motor.
    • High-grade Plastic sheets used to  increase the appliance’s lifespan.
    • Premium-quality oven-baked powder paint  prevents corrosion and early rust formation.
    • Dimensions: Width: 4ft, Height: 4.5 ft, Depth: 4.5ft
     26,500 27,500
  • Evaporative Air Cooler AC-55

    • Model AC-55. MADE IN IRAN
    • Integrated butterfly, mono filament, galvanized sheet body, precise water supply system
    • 100% fresh air
    • Central Air cooling
    • Ducting solution with complete fitting and installation
    • Special design for those area very much hot and manpower work issue
    • Energy efficiency A
    • Up to 90% less power consumption than other water coolers
    • It has four lattice bodies and thus increases the cooling efficiency
    • Designed for places with cooler entrance through the window or balcony
    • Lower space occupancy due to the outlet openings on the cooler roof
    • Resists voltage fluctuations, without disturbing the operation of the cooler
     76,000 78,000

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