• Lunch Box with 3 Compartments-Eco Friendly Container with Leak Proof Plastic Lid for Kids and Adults

    • Stainless Steel Lunch Box with 3 Compartments
    • Eco Friendly Container with Leak Proof Plastic Lid for Kids and Adults
    • Easy To Use
    • Leak Proof
    • Material : Stainless Steel
    • Size : 9.5 x 7 x 1.5 Inch
    • Size In CM : 17.5 x 24 x 4 cm
  • 3 Pcs Stainless Steel Canister Set

    • Keep all your condiments and spices sealed tightly for freshness
    • 3 Pcs Stainless Steel Canister.
    • Safe and healthy conveniently rotating 
  • 7 Jars Kitchen Spice Storage Rack Set With Metal Stand

    • High Quality acrylic plastic Material
    • -6 Large Jars
    • -One Stand
  • 7 pcs Spices Storage Set With Metal Stand

    • High Quality Material
    • -7 Large Jars
    • -One Stand
  • 6 Pcs Spice Rack Storage Set with Stand

    • -High Quality acrylic plastic Material
    • -6 Large Jars
    • -One Stand
  • 9 Pcs Glass Spice Storage Set with Stand

    • -High Quality Material
    • -9 Large Jars
    • -One Stand
    • -Air-Tight Spices Storage
  • 7 Pcs Air-tight Spices Storage Set with Stand

    • -High Quality Ceramic Material
    • -8 Large Jars
    • -One Stand
    • -Air-Tight Spices Storage
  • 8 Pcs Acrylic Spice Storage Set with Stand

    • -High Quality Material
    • -5 Small Upper Jars And 3 Large Jars
    • -Comes with Stand
  • 7 Jars Spice Storage Set with Metal Stand

    • -High Quality Material with tight lid
    • -3 Large Jars & 4 Small Jars
    • -One Metal Stand
  • Rattan Bread and Vegetable Baskets -Rectangle- Round -Oval

    • Rattan Bread Basket
    • Available In 3 Shapes
    • Square , Round , Oval
    • Material: Polypropylene
    • Color: Natural
    • Size of Rectangle : 11 inches x 8 inches x Depth 2.5inches
    • Size of Round : 10 inches Diameter x Depth 2 inches
    • Size of Oval : 11 inches x 8 inches x Depth 2.5inches
    • Dishwasher Safe
  • Chips t Strainer Round -Stainless Steel Frying Baske-8.5cm x 8cm

    • Color: Silver
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Size: Approx. 8.5cm Diameter x 8cm depth
    • Ideal for presenting food to your family or guests
    • MULTI-PURPOSE: Great for french fries, mozarella sticks, chicken fingers, onion rings, prawns or any other fried food, also could be a food presentation snack basket, make an funny impact when entertaining guests.
    • USE WITH EASE: Perfect design handle to allow even clumsy fingers to hold tight, the BestUtensils fry basket belongs to every person’s kitchen regardless of culinary skill. It starts off flat and instantly expands to a flexible basket that let you cook, boil, or deep fry foods with ease.
  • 12 Compartment Ice Cube Tray Mold-Plastic

    • Total Size: Lenth 23 cm x 10.5 cm
    • 12 Cubes
    • Sturdy and safe plastic construction for perfect ice cubes.
    • The unique molded shape of these trays creates
  • Stainless Steel Lunch Box – 3 Layers- Green

    • Stainless steel
    • Easy to clean
    • Durable
    • Superior quality material
    • Keep your food safe and hot
    • Handle to hold
     1,470 1,623
  • Stainless Steel Lunch Box – 3 Layers- Orange

    • Stainless steel
    • Easy to clean
    • Durable
    • Superior quality material
    • Keep your food safe and hot
    • Handle to hold
     1,470 1,623
  • Hot Line Food Carrier 2 Compartments – Black

    • Most reliable companion to keep your food steaming hot for longest times
    • Ideal travel companion to your office, picnic or anywhere!
    • Hotline body is generously insulated with polyurethane foam, the single most efficient insulated material
     932 1,229
  • Hot Line Food Carrier 2 Compartments – White

    • Most reliable companion to keep your food steaming hot for longest times
    • Ideal travel companion to your office, picnic or anywhere!
    • Hotline body is generously insulated with polyurethane foam, the single most efficient insulated material
     932 1,229
  • Pack of 3 High Quality Crystal Clear Glass Bowl With Air Tight Multi-color Plastic Closing Lid Kitchen Essential Food Storage Set


    • Glassware Bowl With Air Tight Closing Lid
    • Material: Glass & Plastic
    • Quantity: Set Of Three Glass Bowls With Varying Size Needs
    • Type: Food Storage Bowls
    • Food Grade Material
    • BPA Free Kitchen Utensils
    • Perfect For Storing Food Item
    • Full Air Tight Locking
    • Made From Refined Glass For Daily Uses For Storage & Fridge
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Premium Toughened Glass
    • Non Porous & Stain Resistant
    • Comes In Decent Box Packing
    • Color: Crystal Clear Bowls, Colorful Lids
    • Net weight: 1.858 Kg
    • Dimensions:

    ​Large Bowl: Diameter 7 Inches Height 3.2 Inches
    Medium Bowl: Diameter 6 Inches Height 2.6 Inches
    Small Bowl: Diameter 4.8 Inches Height 2 Inches​

     725 942
  • Pack of 5 – Food Containers Plastic Boxes

    • High Grade Plastic Material 
    • Air tight boxes for all food items
    • Very neat finishing boxes
    • All home usage sizes are included
    • XL = 1.6 Liters / 54 oz /1.69 QT
    • L = 1.0 liter / 33.8 oz /1.05 qt
    • M = 0.6 Liter / 20.2 oz / 0.63 qt
    • s = 338 ml / 11.4 oz / 0.35 qtr
    • xs = 182 ml / 6.15 oz / .19 qt
     510 639
  • Cute Flower Petals Rotating Shape Multi Sectional Snack Serving Tray Bowl – 5 Compartments – 7220

    • 5 Compartments to store 5 multiple snacks
    • Gently turn the switch on the top of the fruit bowl to open the fruit bowl.
    • Safe and healthy,new quality,fresh color,stylish and beautiful.
    • To meet your needs,family or friends have personal love.
    • Artistic and creative styles serve a wide range of occasions.
    • Petal-shaped separation design for better classification of snacks
    • Specification:
    • Material: plastic
    • Size: 27 x 8cm/10.63 x 3.15inch
    • Open diameter: 43cm/16.93inch
     1,717 1,828
  • Electric Lunch Box with spoon – 7331

    • With this heating design. You can warm your food anywhere anytime without microwave, allows you to have a
    • hot meal. It is very convenient to take your meal with you. And the waterproof design of the plug port
    • can keep it from the water while not heating, very safe. With this Electric Lunch Box, you can heat your
    • meal at school, in office, or during travel
     1,471 1,623
  • Metallic Kitchen Bathroom Faucet Rack Holder

    • Size: 6.69 x 3.94 x 1.38 inches 
    • The kitchen sponge holder is made of advanced metallic material which is rust resistant.
    • Suitable for faucet pipe Diameter between 0.59 inches and 1.14 inches.
    • The kitchen sink organizer allows water to drain fast, keep sponges dry and clean, away from dirty
    • Supersized for holding scouring pads, nylon scrubbers, brushes, soap, sponges and another item
    • Great for kitchen, bathroom, workplace.
     658 777
  • Acrylic Salt Pepper Spice Boxes with Rack – 4 Boxes with 1 Stand

    • Set Size: 25 x 10 x 8 cm
    • Box Size: 3 x 3 x 2 inches
    • Storage Spice jar is made of high-quality acrylic material, keep your spice or sugar fresh and odor-free, and prevent dust.
    • The holder of spice jars square has 4 separate compartments to hold 4 items
    • A clear spice jar set can help you save some space and make your kitchen neat 
    • Premium spice jars with a removeable tray, it's easy to clean by handwashing
     979 1,082
  • Set of 3 Imported Tooth Pick, Cotton Bud & Tissue Box Containers

    • Colors: Purple + Green
    • High quality and durable in use
    • Elegant appearance and stylish design, a wonderful decoration
    • Could store tissue or many other small accessories
    • Flexible design, could adjust height according the quantity of tissue, more convenient to use
    • Suitable placed on dressing table, office table, or desk
    • The anti-skid design on the bottom, more stable
    • Comes with cotton swab and toothpick
     834 983
  • 1 Pc Extendable Plastic Tray Drawer for Fridge

    • Size: Before Stretch 20.5×16.4×7.6cm (After Stretch 28.5×16.4×7.6cm)
    • Stretchable Design,Practical,Durable
    • Made of PP plastic, strong, wear-resisting and high cycle life
    • Suitable for canned drinks, vegetables, meats, cheeses
     325 422
  • 12 Pieces Steel Spice Carousel Jars with Steel Stand

    • Dimensions:Tower Measurements: Approximately 9" Tall x 6.5" width
    • Jar Measurements: Approximately 4" Tall x 1.75" Diameter
    • Jar Mouth Opening: 1.5" Diameter
    • High quality 100% stainless steel, rust resistant, robust.
    • Revolving holder to easily find ingredients with glass jars
    • Say goodbye to the chaotic spices, you only need this spice rack!
    • Great for saving kitchen counter space and keeping spices fresh
     2,600 2,950
  • 2 in 1 Plastic Draining Laddle Colander Soup Spoon- Multicolor

    • Size:  25 x 8 x 3.5 cm
    • Long handle gives you a comfortable grip and stays cool.
    • With a filter hole design, can effectively filter out water and oil.
    • Suitable for home, kitchen, hotels, shops, restaurants, cooking schools etc.
    • Wheat straw construction, corrosion resistance and durable, safe to use.
    • Eco-friendly spoon, reduce the damage of friction and prevent bacterial growth.
    • Deep scoop head, fit for holding soup, porridge, hot cocoa, rice, noodle, hotpot, etc.
     187 285
  • Food Storage Magic Cap – Orange

    • No more messy storage
    • Attaches easily to any bag.
    • Perfect for sealing and storing chips, snack, candy, frozen vegetables, grains & so on.
    • Attach easily to any bag,flip top lid for convenience. Pour well, stay closed well, and are genuinely handy.
  • Water Bottle with Ice Bar – 0.6 L

    • Keep drinks ice-cold for more than 3 hrs if Ice Pack is used in the bottle and pre-chilled drinks from the fridge are poured into the bottle.
    • Best for juice, milk, smoothies, ice-tea/coffee or any drink you want to keep ice-cold but do not want diluted with thawing ice cubes.
    • White plastic is the best plastic for food (meets International and FDA Food Grade standards)
    • No BPA, phthalates, or other harmful substances 
    • No color or dyes added to plastic.
    • Easy to wash
    • Dishwasher safe or simply rinse off
  • Cars Themed Lunch Box – 800ml

    • Plastic
    • Durable
    • Premium Quality
    • Great for school going kids
  • Cars Themed Lunch Box – 650ml

    • Plastic
    • Durable
    • Premium Quality
    • Great for school going kids
  • Minions Themed Lunch Box – 750ml

    • Plastic
    • Durable
    • Premium Quality
    • Great quality
  • Doraemon Themed Lunch Box – 750ml

    • Plastic
    • Durable
    • Premium Quality
    • Great for school going kids
  • Collapsible Dish Drainer/Dryer

    • Built-in drip tray
    • Assemble and collapse in less than a second
    • Great quality
    • Innovative design
    • Folded Dimensions: 42cm (L) x 29cm (W).
    • Open Dimensions: 34cm (L) x 21cm (H) x 29cm (W).
  • Food Covering Film – Transparent

    • Discounts available on App
    • Heat Preservation
    • Keeps food fresh and warm
    • Protection against dust
    • Used to wrap food and carry outside
    • Usable for storing food in fridge
    • Size: Small(WxL): 20×30 cm, Medium(WxL): 25×35 cm, Large(WxL): 30×40 cm
  • Triangular 3 Layers Corner Kitchen/Bath Rack

    • Brand New and high quality.
    • Perfect for storage in the corner of the kitchen and bathroom.
    • Holes in the bottom, drain water, keep dry.
    • It will be a good choice for gift
    • SIZE: 24x24x54.5 cm
  • Petal Shaped Rotating Candy Box Dried Fruit Serving Tray

    • High Quality
    • Independent Storage – The candy tray is designed in five compartments and can store 5 kinds of snacks, which are rich in variety but not easy to taste each other. You can watch TV and watch movies on the coffee table.
    • Unique Design – Gently twist the flower-shaped rotary switch on the top of the fruit bowl. The five storage rooms are like five petals in full bloom.
    • Wide Application – The unique petal shape makes your afternoon tea more artistic. Fruit bowls can be used to store small snacks , small items , jewelry and cosmetics. Suitable for a variety of scenarios.
    • Perfect Gift – Put candy and nuts neatly in the right place and stay perfect in a beautiful gift box. A great gift for your parents, children, friends and loved ones.
  • Multi-functional Extendable Telescopic Framework Microwave Kitchen Storage Organizer Rack

    • Multi-Function Telescopic Framework
    • Keep your essentials organized and tidy
    • Can be used as kitchen storage rack, bookshelf and shoe rack
    • Self-assembly required
    • Material: ABS + Stainless Steel
    • Max Holding Weight: Approx. 10 kg
    • Color: Random will be sent
    • Dimensions: 25 cm x 60.5 cm x 49.5 – 80 cm
  • Set of 3 – Glass Kitchen Jars With Wooden Bamboo Lids For Spice/Herbs/Cookies/Pasta/Candies/Stationery/Beads & Small Items

    • All food stuffs are stored in the storage glass in an attractive, space-saving and hygienic way. Whether cereals, noodles, rice, spices, snacks, cookies and and and and.
    • Very good, because these glass containers not only keep your supplies fresh and attractive for longer, they can also be combined as required and stacked on top of each other without any problems if necessary.
    • Great product for coffee and tea lovers to store your coffee beans and powders, tea, sugars and snacks. Or you can keep them on your vanity for holding small accessories and spa products, our products are practical, functional and stylish anywhere you display.
    • QUALITY MATERIALS – The glass container is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass and the solid silicone bamboo cover can be sealed to keep food fresh and prevent moisture and insects. This glass storage tank can be heated to 120 degrees Celsius with an open flame or frozen to minus 20 degrees Celsius.
    • KITCHEN ACCESSORIES – The bamboo cover is sealed with a rubber ring for high confidentiality, durable materials and safe food. It is suitable for storing wet (gravy / jam / cut fruit) or dry food (beans / rice / pasta), baked goods (flour / powder / salt / sugar), biscuits, cereals, tea and spices or other ingredients. It not only stores food well, but also saves space in the kitchen.
    • PRACTICAL DESIGN – This glass storage container is made of clear glass for quick and easy access to your stored food. It is simple and beautiful, sturdy and durable, easy to clean and rinse, round glass without difficult corners. Glass storage containers can be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning and placed in the refrigerator and microwave.
    • Size: Small: 10 x 10 cm; Medium: 13 x 10 cm; Large: 15 x 10 cm
  • Faucet Storage Rack, Stainless Steel Sink Faucet Sponge Holder Sink Caddy Organizer for Kitchen & Bathroom Accessories

    • Material: Made of stainless steel and eco-friendly ABS material, rust-proof, sturdy, durable and easy to clean.
    • HIGHT QUALITY STAINLESS STELL – using solid stainless steel material; classic shape, stylish and beautiful. The kitchen sponge holder is made of advanced stainless steel, rust resistant. Strong Bearing Capacity ensure this kitchen sink organizer lasts for years to come.
    • CONVENIENT HOLDER: Knob fixation design, no drill, nail, suction, screws or glue needed, allow to remove easily without leaving marks or sticky residue. Perfect storage accessory for bathroom & kitchen.
    • HOLLOW DESIGN – WITH DRAINING HOLES-The kitchen sink organizer allow water to drain fast, keep sponges dry and clean, away from dirty. kitchen storage tools, Draining Basket can be stored Soap cloth Sponge Dishwashing Liquid Drainer Brush save more room for your kitchen, makes kitchen clean and tidy.
    • WIDE USE RANGE – No hidden corners that hard to reach. easy to clean, sized for holding scouring pads, nylon scrubbers, brushes, soap, sponges and other item. Sized for saving space and perfect storage accessory for bathroom & kitchen.
    • APPLY OCCAION – Great for kitchen, bathroom, workplace. Suitable for kitchen bathrooms or any place you need. It features classic style, Very well ventilated, Easy to dry, hollow design, mould proof can filter water, very suitable for home.
    • EASY INSTALLATION : First, snap the buckle to the stainless steel tube. Next, install the sponge holder to the faucet and tighten the threaded cap.
  • Five Pointed Star Kitchen Sink Anti Clogging Floor Drain Bathroom Filter Net Silica Gel Floor Drain – Random Color

    • Easy to use: The hair extension works by wrapping the hair around small bumps around the edges. Water flows through them and enters the drain through the holes.
    • High quality: Our amazing drain plugs for kitchens and bathrooms are made of durable, strong and flexible thermoplastic rubber.
    • Multi-purpose: widely used in kitchen sinks, clothing drains, bathroom drains, washbasins and bathtub drains, and any place where you want to stop and capture residue.
    • Easy to disassemble and install: connect the drain pipe to the corresponding sink. When removing, simply remove the trap from the catcher and move on.
    • Anti-skid design: In order to avoid all accidents, we added a suction cup at the bottom of the flat silicone plug to prevent sliding or slipping on the wet floor. In this way, using a shower is easier and safer than ever.
    • Note: Customers will get random available color of floor drain.

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