• Baby Kid 360 Degree Rotary Ufo Bowl Toy

    • Are you tired of your kids spilling food, so you must clean again and again. Are you tired when your kids being naggy with
    • their food because they simply lose interest. This bowl is the solution.
    • This bowl looks like Planet Saturn with anti spill design, in which it can rotate 360 degrees to keep dry food inside and
    • avoid food spilling. Plus, we added three handles for easy carrying and lid to cover the food when not in use.
    • Not only for food, you can use it for place your small office equipment such a clip, pin, needle or coins. Also, it makes an
    • unique gift for your close ones.
    • Material: food grade PP.
     779 1,016
  • Stainless Steel Spoon Rest Pan Pot Cover Lid Stand Rack Storage Kitchen Tool

    • 100% brand new and high quality.
    • 2.Material: Stainless steel.
    • 3.Color: As the picture shows.
    • 4.Size: 18.5*15.5*19.5cm.
    • 5.Designed specially for Home Kitchen & Bar.
    • 6.Easy to clean.
    • 7.Can be placed any size, spoon, spatula and help to keep the environment clean.
     1,015 1,411
  • Drawer Cutlery Organizer Tray Kitchen Storage Spoon Cutlery Box

    • Item Name: Drawer Cutlery Organizer
    • Color: Grey 
    • Material: PP
    • Item Size: 5.5*39.6*11cm
    • Simple practical healthy easy to wash .
    • Unique design: Special structural design creates more space for your kitchen drawers.
    • Multi-function: Multi-layered design can accommodate different cutlery, such as spoons
    • Also the tilting design makes you much easier grab the cutlery you want to use.
    • It comes with a non-slip base and is suitable for drawers with a height
     1,467 2,257
  • Spoon With Herb (Special For Tarka)

    • Ideal for soups, stews 
    • resistant to 210°C.27cm L
    • Infuse the flavor of herbs and spices into food and drinks
    • Easy to remove herbs and spices after infusing
    • Integrated herb stripper in handle
    • Ideal for flavoring soups, stews and casseroles or jugs of hot and cold drinks
    • Suitable for all types of cookware. Dishwasher safe
     240 847
  • Self Adhesive Multifunction Wall Mounted Kitchen Drain Storage Rack/Cutlery Storage Rack Holder

    • Good Product
    • Multcolors
    • Easy to Use
    • Better storage the small utensils, it gives completely different and stylish look to the cutlery kitchen
    • This cutlery stand is crafted of hard solid plastic and has high load-bearing capacity and holds up to 5 Kg with powerful adhesion system. Cutlery Organizer comes with 3 storage compartments which allow you to organize the space for your cutlery such as spoon, fork, chopstick, knives, spatula, ladle and 4 hanging hooks. With small size drain holes in the bottom of each container
    • installation. No tools. No screws. No more ugly holes in your bathroom or kitchen. Simply choose a smooth surface such as tiles, glass, metal. Apply it and you're done in no time. Do : press and flat the magic sticker pad, squeeze the air out from middle to edge. Waiting for 24 hours then hang the tray on the magic sticker pad's hooks. Don't: it does not suit for uneven or rough surface
     1,863 2,823
  • 29 Pcs Stainless Steel Spoon Cutlery Set 6 Person Serving with Stand

    • -This Set is for 6 Persons Use-Imported China Stainless Steel with Mirror Polish
    • -Table Spoon 6-Table Fork 6-Dessert Spoon 6-Tea Spoon 6-Rice Serving 2-Curry Serving 2-Cutlery Stand With Soft Rubber Edges(Fitting Inside The Stand) 
    • Total 29Pcs Cutlery Set For 6 Person Serving
  • 24 Pcs Kitchen Tea Set

    • Easy to Wash
    • Premium Quality
    • 24 Pcs Set
    • 1 Pc Large Plate, 6 Pcs Flat Plate, 6 Pcs Cup, 6 Pcs Saucer, 2 Pcs Tea Pot, 2 Pcs Sugar Pot & 1 Pc Milk Pot
    • Available in 6 to 8 different prints, would sent random print as per availability (If need a particular print, please confirm the availability first) 
  • 24 Pcs Kitchen Tea Set – Bone material

    • This tea is simple to use yet very stylish.
    • It is made up of high quality bone material.
    • Enjoy your tea time with this beautiful tea set.
  • 24 Pcs German Tea Set – Embossed Flower Work

    • This tea is simple to use yet very stylish.
    • It is made up of high quality bone material.
    • Enjoy your tea time with this beautiful tea set.
  • 24 Pcs Stone ware Tea Set – Imperial Brand

    • This tea is simple to use yet very stylish.
    • It is made up of high quality bone material.
    • Enjoy your tea time with this beautiful tea set.
  • Non Stick Sizzler Plate With Wooden Base Oval -27cm x 17cm

    • Non Stick Tray Dimensions L: 27 cm x W: 17 cm
    • Wooden Base L:31 cm x W:18 cm
    • Depth : 1.8cm
    • For cooking Fajita or Steak at Home
    • Heavy Cast Iron Construction
  • Mixing Bowl- Stainless Steel- 9 Inch Diameter

    • Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Diameter : 9 Inch
    • Depth Of Bowl : 4 Inch
    • Easy To Use
    • Easy To Wash

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