• Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee – 100g Glass Jar

    • 1.Premium, imported, freeze dried soluble coffee powder
    • Made with choicest Arabica beans ground 10 times finer for a rich and smooth taste.
    • Finest blends crafted by experts, to make your coffee moments special
    • Specially designed glass jar keeps your Nescafe Gold delightfully tasty to the last drop
  • Festival Red Cherry Syrup 400Gm

    • Flavouring syrup
    • 400gm
    • Orignal
  • festival peaches halves in syrup

    • Peaches halves
    • Good quality
    • Excellent taste
  • Festival Lychee In Syrup

    • Lychee
    • Good flavour
    • Good for health
  • Deluxe World’s Finest Roasted Beans Coffee 200 GM

    • A harmony of the world’s finest coffee beans roasted to capture the full-bodied flavour
    • And aroma that is Deluxe.
    • High Quality,
    • Great Taste.
  • My Cup Slimming Tea

    It took 2 years of hard work by experts to prepare a product with a unique blend of Finest quality herbs with perfect dosage.
    It includes all natural slimming agents(Herbs) tested by best laboratories, making it an all-time one-of-a-kind natural product free from any kind of medicines or chemicals to serve you healthy.
    Due to herbal properties of My cup slimming herbal green tea anyone can consume it.

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    My Cup Slimming Tea

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  • Ab Energizer Slimming Tea

    AB Energizer Slimming Tea is a blend of rare Chinese green tea pulled out from premium types “Oolong”.
    If truth be told, the history of Chinese diet tea dates back to 2000 BC, where thousands of people used to have this tea so as to make their immune system sturdy and efficient.
    Chinese slimming tea has unbelievable consequences if you desire to use it for losing weight naturally.
    The best quality connected with this tea is its outcomes on metabolism.
    AB Energizer Slimming Tea does not have adverse side effects.
    While drinking AB Energizer Slimming Tea you definitely require continuing eating healthy.

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    Ab Energizer Slimming Tea

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