• Female Jumper Header 40 x 1

    • Female Pin Head 40 x 1
    • Jumper
    • Arduino
    • Circuit
    • DIY
  • Arduino Nano Sensor Board – CNC Expension Board

    • NANO I / O Expansion sensor sh Module for Arduino

    • This expansion shield provides:

    • 14 I/O Pin (servo type with GND, power, and signal)

    • 8 analog Pin with power output and GND

    • 6 PWM Pin

    • 1 Servo power input

    • I2C expansion Pin

    • Lead out the I2C interface of main board for convenient connection.

    • This Nano Mult-Function expansion board is designed especially for Arduino Nano, solve the problem of wiring confusing when a variety of sensors connected.

    • Lead-out all digital IO port and analog IO port, each one with standard positive and negative power interface.

    • Lead out the I2C interface of mainboard for convenient connection.

    • Increasing the DC power supply interface. Nano USB interface supply current is actually only 50MA, to bring high-current devices, such as the steering, is obviously insufficient. So in the DC power connector provide external power supply to ensure the stability of equipment operation.

  • DANY FACE Shield with Air Filter


    • Breathable, light and environment-friendly.
    • High elasticity ear loop help fit different users
    • Dual point attachment helps provide a secure seal.
    • Adjustable metal nose clip.
    • At least 95% filtration efficiency against certain particles.
    • DANY 5 Layer

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